Van Galder celebrates long-term employees

Van Galder Bus Company recently took time to recognize and celebrate the employees who have been with the company for 20 or more years. The following employees were honored.

Motor Coach Drivers  Ted Elder (25 years), Dan Gillitzer (22 years), Jeff Hageman (32 years), Jeff Huffman (22 years), Scot Hudson (20 years), Ron Morgan (23 years), Rick Rebout (23 years), Frank Schultz (27 years), Mike Shepherd (27 years), Deb Topel (21 years) and Phil Welte (31 years); School Bus Drivers Lisa Bliss (24 years), Wayne Tatge (25 years), Angela Coogan (23 years) and Donald Kinzer (39 years); Maintenance Manager Ron Thompson (32 years) and Shop Supervisor Greg Brudos (36 years); Janesville Terminal Agents Wayne Green (24 years), Kris Lima (40 years), Lois Richmond (23 years) and Rockford Terminal Agent June Linley (21 years); Ticket Agent Amy Allen (31 years), Operations Manager Jim Beasley (30 years), Controller Dave Betlach (22 years), AR/Payroll Angie Brudos (43  years), Maintenance Richard “RC” Carpenter (47 years), School Bus Assistant Therese Coogan (33  years), Charter Specialist Lisa Cooley (21  years), Charter Manager Shannon DeRemer (29 years), Lead Trainer John Elzy (22  years), Dispatch/Operations Karen Fry (25 years), General Manager Allen Fugate (32 years) and Janesville Terminal Manager Bekki Geiger (28  years).

“The strength of any company is rooted in the core values, extraordinary efforts and fantastic contributions of its employees and Van Galder / Coach USA is no exception,” said Van Galder HR Generalist Miranda Skukan. “We are fortunate to have so much experience and talent here.”