Northpointe Surgery Center hosts open house

Senior staff writer

ROSCOE — “If you don’t need to be in a hospital, you shouldn’t be.”

That’s what Beloit Health System CEO and President Tim McKevett said about patients needing outpatient procedures. Thanks to the new NorthPointe Surgery Center, patients have a more private and convenient option for getting their outpatient surgeries and same-day procedures. Most of the center’s outpatient surgeries will be done at the new center, although the procedures will also continue to be performed at Beloit Memorial Hospital.

McKevett and other Beloit Health System staff were at the center on Saturday for a celebration event. It featured tours as well as the opportunity win prizes ranging from a Samsung Chromebook to bicycles and NorthPointe fitness memberships.

Refreshments were available as well as visits by the two hospital therapy dogs.

Around 400 procedures have been done at the center since its opening July 1.

“This is going to be good for the community,” said visitor Theresa Reusch.

Of the almost 31,000-square-foot area, 18,000 square feet are devoted to the surgery center with the remaining space available for future expansion, explained McKevett.

Located at the south side of the NorthPointe campus, the center has its own entrance and parking area. Patients don’t have to go through the main lobby, and their loved ones receive a pager during the patient’s procedure.

“They can go on our walking trails and will be paged to pick up their loved one,” McKevett said.

Outpatient procedures for ear, nose and throat, facial plastics, gastrointestinal procedures/testing, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, pain management and podiatry will be offered at the new center. For example, patients can get colonoscopies or polyp removals, cataract surgeries and foot surgeries at the center.

Performing gynecological procedures is anticipated in the future.

The center features state of the art equipment and has been a great recruiting tool for physicians. McKevett said new ear, nose and throat, orthopaedic and GI physicians have been brought on board thanks to the new center.

“Our future expansion will support adding physicians as we recruit to meet volume demands,” McKevett added.

Registered Nurse Kristi Arnold said she loves the new atmosphere of the center. It’s quiet for patients and is a beautiful place to work.

“People like that it’s close and is away from the hospital,” Arnold said.

Inventory Coordinator/GI technician Stephanie Longman said the center’s rooms are larger and have state-of-the-art equipment.

Director of Surgical Services Cindy Terpstra said she likes the modern facility and said the staff there have become like family. She said everybody has been cross trained and is able to work efficiently.

The center is designed with two operating and two procedure suites. Before or after procedures patients can enjoy privacy in one of the eight private pre-surgery and post-surgery rooms which include a private bathroom. Patients requiring advanced monitoring after their procedure receive care in one of the six post-surgery acute care bays.

The NorthPointe Surgery Center is the newest addition to Beloit Health System’s NorthPointe Health and Wellness Campus. During its more than nine years of operation, NorthPointe has added more services and increased the number of patients seeking care. Currently, NorthPointe Clinic has more than 30 physicians on staff providing primary and specialty care.