Cullen structures dot the landscape

The JP Cullen Company has built a number of iconic structures throughout the region. This is a list of some of those projects:

• In 1907, JP Cullen built a new high school in Beloit which was used until 1951.

• In 1968, JP Cullen was awarded the Beloit Memorial Hospital project.

• The Beloit College Sports Center was built in 1987.

• JP Cullen built the First Congregational Church of Beloit in 2001.

• In 2008, JP Cullen erected the steel and did the concrete for the Kerry Ingredients office building.

• Beloit Memorial High School Renovation Projects in 1994 and Fran Fruzen Intermediate School in 2015 were done by JP Cullen.

• JP Cullen has worked on many projects at the Hormel and Frito Lay plants.

• Restoration of the Coronado Theater in Rockford.

• Construction of the 19-story Van Hise Hall on the UW-Madison campus in 1966.

• Construction of a new biochemistry building in 1996 for UW-Madison.

• Building of the Lake Geneva Middle School in 1999.

• Worked with General Motors for more than 50 years, incorporating more than 3  million square feet.

• 12-year restoration project in Madison at the state Capitol building.