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New Cup and Cake bake shop is sweet addition to downtown Beloit

Senior staff writer

BELOIT — Beloit’s downtown has a sweet addition — a bake shop where visitors can enjoy everything from chocolate-covered bacon to scrumptious cupcakes.

Owner Molly Fisher opened Cup and Cake on June 15 at 430 E. Grand Ave., Suite 104, the former home of PORCH.

“It’s somewhere you can stop and have dessert and a cup of coffee,” Fisher said about Cup and Cake.

The full-service bake shop offers cookies, brownies, cake, cake and ice cream specials, homemade cheesecake and more. Some of the more unique offerings on its summer menu are eggless cookie dough bites and mint-dipped Oreos. Elaina’s Puddin’ pie features a vanilla graham cracker crust with a thick layer of house-made cheesecake, topped with a layer of butterscotch custard and whipped cream.

In addition to its standard chocolate, vanilla, almond and lemon cupcakes, the business offers additions for the various seasons. This summer Cup and Cake is featuring a coconut cake with a fresh raspberry filling in honor a couple who sought the flavor for a wedding.

Everything on Cup and Cake cupcakes is edible, including decorations such as its signature sugar paper butterflies.

Fisher has loved baking ever since she was a little kid. Although she was in the insurance business for 15 years, she decided to pursue her passion of baking after a health scare in 2010.

Fisher said she always loved the creativity of baking and how she can incorporate seasonal and local fruits for fillings and flavor.

“It’s a creative outlet. You can change it up every day,” she said. “We do a lot of custom orders. Really, there’s nothing that’s not on the table.”

Her business operated at Yolo’s Sweets in Rockford for four years until it closed in December. The majority of the business being devoted to catering. It was while Fisher was a Beloit Farmers Market vendor that she decided she wanted to run her own business in Beloit.

“I fell in love with the atmosphere of Beloit,” she said.

While in her vendor space in front of 430 E. Grand Ave., she spotted the former PORCH space which she found beautiful and available. As the space was formerly a location for Flying Pig it was already set up for a food service business.
Fisher, who lives in Rockford with her fiance Cory Garman, has found everyone in Beloit to be supportive of her business and she is considering moving her family to the city.

Cup and Cake continues to be a family business with Fisher’s mom, Kathy Fisher, working there as well as her daughter, Alli Fisher, 22. Her 15-year-old daughter, Lauren Scott, and 12-year-old son, Nick Scott, have also been big supporters of Cup and Cake.