Comply365 celebrates 10 years of transformation in aviation

BELOIT – Compy365 is excited to celebrate a decade of driving innovation in the aviation industry with its powerful mobile platform and flexible apps that deliver the content users need in demanding, mission-critical daily operations. The industry-leading software company will mark its 10th anniversary with an Open House from 4-6 p.m.  Nov. 30, at its headquarters, 655 Third St., Suite 365, Beloit, WI.

Regional business leaders, area pilots, flight attendants and airline employees and members of the media are invited to take a walk through Comply365’s history. Learn how Kerry and Dude Frank started the company in the basement of their home 10 years ago and developed mobile solutions now in use by about 75 percent of the North American aviation market, as well as a growing list of international airlines.

Our clients include 11 Fortune 500 companies, and our mobile app supports about 15 million flights worldwide annually at 8 of the top 10 major North American airlines. The fuel behind Comply365’s growth comes down to the incredible business impact our solutions drive for our clients in creating a more efficient, productive operation. We’ve brought the same mobile convenience consumers have in their personal lives into the workplace – especially in highly-regulated, mission-critical environments – to make work easier for our clients.

We led the way in helping pilots convert their heavy paper manuals required for flight into an electronic flight bag (EFB), but we didn’t stop in the flight deck and cabin. We continue to drive innovation and a new level of mobile productivity across the entire airline as the No. 1 platform in aviation to help other crews such as flight attendants and maintenance work faster and more efficiently, connecting every department.

CEO Kerry Frank reflected on the company’s 10th anniversary – and the challenges she faced starting an aviation tech company as a woman – in a recent post on her blog, “Candidly Kerry: Insight from a Tech CEO.”

We’re looking forward to celebrating the impact we’ve had over the past 10 years as we continue to push the edge of innovation into the next decade.

Comply365 is the leading mobile platform in aviation. Comply365’s secure, mobile enterprise platform and full suite of flexible apps give companies the agility, speed and intelligence they need to deliver content to users in demanding, mission-critical daily operations. Comply365 helps companies harness mobility, real-time productivity, communication and data to drive unprecedented efficiencies and compliance across their ecosystem to gain a competitive edge and drive exceptional business results. To learn more visit