Book sale planned at library

Senior staff writer

BELOIT— The public is invited to the Friends at Beloit Library’s (FABL) January clearance book sale. People can buy one big brown bag full of books for a dollar and get a second bag of books free.

“You get great books at incredibly cheap prices. They are in wonderful condition and look like brand new books,” said FABL President Mim Warren.
“There’s books for everybody,” added Chair of Book Sale Committee Sara Smith.

The book sale will be held from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Jan. 13 inside the Beloit Public Library, 605 Eclipse Boulevard. The annual sale is to help FABL clear out its bookstore warehouse.

FABL, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization continues to be a successful contributor to the Beloit Public Library. It raises funds through the sale of donated books and withdrawn library books at its ongoing book sale in the library’s lobby. In addition to the ongoing book sale, FABL has regularly scheduled warehouse sales. It also sell CDs, VHS tapes and DVDs.

FABL continues to be successful, raising more funds each year.

“In addition to raising money, we are raising the literacy level of the Stateline,” said Judy Robson, FABL public relations chair.

In 2017, FABL donated $37,000 to the Beloit Library including a donation to the Blender Cafe. In addition FABL worked with library and BIFF with a fundraiser called the Reel Deal to raise an additional $11,500.

FABL also gave away 300 children books a the Beloit Farmers market this summer.

FABL has 180 members, including 40 active volunteers who donate a total of more than 4,000 hours of their time per year.

FABL is always seeking more donations, volunteers and new customers. Warren said it’s a nonprofit which already has time-tested and proven ways of making money. FABL, for example, is able to earn $1,200 to more than $2,000 a month selling books on sales shelves at the library.

Once FABL gets donations, a book seller looks the books over and buys some outright. Next, the books are shelved and priced. The FABL space on the first floor is replenished daily with books from its upstairs storeroom.

Warren encourages people to consider volunteering with a group who loves books and spending time together. Because active volunteers typically work so often in the library, FABL only has one general meeting a year, where a Wisconsin writer is hosted.

Smith said she loves working with books. She’s been volunteering for about a year and has probably obtained more than 100 books from FABL. She jokes she’s also a “dealer” for her friends who are seeking books.

Those who would like more information on buying FABL books, volunteering or donating gently used books can call FABL at 608-364-5770 or email