Beloit probation and parole office moves to new location

For Stateline Business Journal

TOWN OF BELOIT — The Wisconsin Department of Corrections’ (DOC) probation and parole office will be moving into its new location at 2950 Prairie Ave. by June 1, according to DOC spokesperson Tristan Cook.
The general contractor is First Choice Builders out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The building is owned by First Choice and will be leased to the DOC.
“The contractor has done several buildings with the DOC being their lessee,” said Town of Beloit Administrator Ian Haas. “It’s on the tax rolls and is not owned by the government, only leased by the DOC.”
Haas said construction began in December. The structure is in place and the roof is attached. The facility still needs some interior work done, its parking lot installed and accompanying plantings and landscaping added.
According to an earlier Daily News article, the State Building Commission approved a five-year $1.11 million lease for a 9,950-square-foot building in June 2017. The DOC’s Division of Community Corrections has occupied a 7,737-square-foot office at 1146 Grant St., Beloit since 1991 but outgrew its location. Employee workload was one employee to 18 clients. There were 24.5 full-time employees working at the Grant Street location in August.
“Whether it be on Prairie Avenue in the township or in the city, it needs to exist. It makes a lot of sense being constructed where it is, right off of public transportation with Caritas and the hospital nearby. There’s a lot of community partners to help out people in need,” Haas said.
Haas also noted the office is located on the outside of an industrial park with the nearest residential areas hundreds of feet away, in the Town of Turtle or north of Inman Parkway. Haas said he doesn’t believe it’s any kind of threat to the
“It’s been a fixture of the community. There are quite a few people in the region who have had issues and are mandated to go there. One would never know when standing next to them in line,” Haas said.